2021 Last Year On Earth
Rochester Contemporary Arts Center
Rochester, NY

2020 How Did We Get Here? | Virtual Exhibition
Subject Matter Art 

2020 Prints 4 Prude
Rochester Contemporary Arts Center
21st Century Arts
Rochester, NY 

2020 Garden Within The Garden  | Virtual Exhibition
Vayo Collage Garden & Maker’s Guild
Rochester, NY

2020 Together Apart  | Virtual Exhibition
Nomel Arts Studio
Buffalo, NY



April 2021 | Visionary Art Collective Artist Directory
Brittany M. Reid | Mixed Media Artist

March 2021 | All She Makes Artist Directory
Brittany M. Reid | Mixed Media Artist

March 2021 | Where Are The Women Artists Artist Directory
Brittany M. Reid | Mixed Media Artist

February 2021 | Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory
Brittany M. Reid | Collage Artist

November 2020 | Kolaj Collage Books
{th ink} Special Edition: #blackcollagesmatter



Moody Magazine, April 2021
Mixed media collage, Celestial Bodies

#BlackCollagesMatter | {think} Publication, October 2020
Hand-cut collage, Moisturized



Jan 2021 | Artist Interview with Elyse' Jokinen
Brittany M. Reid | Collage Artist Interview